Bouldering Close to Melbourne, Victoria

Bouldering in and around Melbourne, Victoria is an activity everyone should try. Initially a way of training towards roped rock climbing but has now developed into a fully fledged sport. It involves unroped climbing on walls up to 4m high protected by a crash mat. This allows climbers to practice extreme moves unhindered by harnesses & without the consequences of getting it wrong. You can choose between 1 bouldering centers around Melbourne, Victoria and the closest being just 35km35km from the centre.

Melbourne, Victoria Bouldering facts

  • 2 Bouldering Locations across Australia
  • The closest Bouldering venue to Melbourne, Victoria is only 35km away.
  • 1 Bouldering venues within 50km of Melbourne, Victoria
  • Available for all ages
  • Prices From $10.00 across Australia
  • Lowest price of Bouldering near Melbourne, Victoria is $15.00

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Bouldering locations are there in Melbourne?

There are 1 Bouldering centers to choose from within 30 miles of Melbourne.

How much does it cost to do Bouldering in Melbourne?

The average price of Bouldering in Melbourne is $19.00. The lowest price is $15.00, with the most expensive option being $23.00.

What is the minimum age for Bouldering in Melbourne?

The minimum age for Bouldering in Melbourne is suitable for all ages.

What is the average time needed for Bouldering?

In Melbourne, the average time needed for a Bouldering session is 20 minutes.

Where is the closest Bouldering center to Melbourne?

The closest Bouldering center to Melbourne is at Bayside Rock Climbing and is 21.8 miles away.

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